Friday, May 8, 2009

NMSR Gets Mail

Ryan writes on May 7th:
Hello. I was reading your article "The Bible Code-Data Mining for God" and thought you might be able to help me out with something. There is a book written by a guy named Don Christie in 2003 called Actual Proof of My Existence signed: God of the Bible. In the book there are quite a few connections shown between not only historical events but various numbers relating to laws of physics. I was wondering what you thought about this? There is quite a bit of stuff in his book so I guess that is part of the reason I find it hard to completely deny. I'm not saying I think the codes in the book mean anything beyond a freakish coincidence, but it seems to me sometimes people are looking to dismiss things like this without actually looking into it. In other words, just because various bible codes in the past have been shown to not be as significant as they were originally claimed to be, does that mean it's not possible that Christie or anyone else might come across something meaningful? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The book can be found at He also wrote a second book called The Master Secret Code which also claims to have found codes predicting many things. You can find a description at I hope to hear back from you. Ryan
I checked out the second link. Here, I learned that The Master Secret Code works like this:

Pizza Hut restaurants began in Wichita, Kansas (34th state of the union) in 1958. Only one verse in the Bible can spell (PIZZA HUT WICHITA), it is 1Samuel 10:2, (1102) are the numbers, 1102 = 19 x 58, just like 1958 when they opened. 1102 (1 x 102) = 102 (34th state Kansas x 3).

(JACK IN THE BOX INC) can only be spelled in one Bible verse Jeremiah 51:23, the chapter is 51, the year that this restaurant chain began in California in 1951. Use the (J) in (J)eremiah to begin this code.

McDonald’s (restaurants) opened on April 15, 1955 in Illinois (IL). The phrase (APRIL FIFTEENTH MCDONALDS IL) can only be spelled in 2 Bible verses out of 31,102 available verses. One lands right on the 4/15 April 15 date in numbers the 4th book of the Bible in Numbers 15:25, (41525) is the full Bible address with book number 4. It starts with 4/15 or (415 x 25), the full address 41525 = 55 x 755 like the 1955 year.

Now, how could anyone possibly argue with such strong evidence?

Let 'er rip!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Again with the Roswell Archaeologist?

Metal Fragment "Linked" to Roswell Incident?

KRQE TV13 reports on April 30th, in a piece titled "Metal shard linked to Roswell Incident," that "In 2002, UFO investigators, including some from the University of New Mexico, found small pieces of material near the 1947 crash site of what has become known as the Roswell Incident. The group said it did some preliminary tests that found the mystery material is not native to the Roswell area although it is from this planet. This metal piece is aluminum silicon, they said. ... Investigator Debbie Ziegelmeyer said the groups' find could mean answers for people around the world and also for those in Roswell. 'There are a lot of people out there who are skeptics,' she said. 'Now we have something that may be trace evidence. ...' On Thursday the group gathered to ask the public for help after running out of money for tests. It's asking anyone from the scientific community to help them test these materials to find out their origin. The group wants to have the mystery solved in time for the annual Roswell UFO Festival that's held in early July. ..., ..."

What I'd like to know is - how did the "investigative team" determine that an earthly piece of metal found in the desert is "linked" to the recovery of some debris (most likely remains of a failed balloon-borne US surveillance project) from 1947?


What is really happening here? This is nothing more than the Sci Fi channel creating a Moment of Publicity for their next Roswell UFO summer special.

Let's hope it turns out better than the last one!

Dave Thomas

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

UFO Author Dennis Balthaser Caught in Blatant Hypocrisy

by Dave Thomas : (Help fight SPAM! Please replace the AT with an @ )

The story began with the publication of the January 2009 edition of Rob McConnell's 'X' Chronicle Newspaper. It ended with UFO author and Roswell proponent Dennis Balthaser coming down hard on me, Dave Thomas, for not checking facts, when in fact it was Balthaser himself who was spreading egregious falsehoods without bothering to verify his claims. Balthaser failed to perform even a cursory examination of his accusations.

Read the complete story at NMSR.