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Background: For the 9-11 episode of the Tru TV television show "Conspiracy Theory", Jesse Ventura's crew filmed a test using thermite on steel beams at NM Tech's EMRTC (Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center). You can see the segment here:

starting at 2:00 minutes in.

There are two burn tests on the beam, one with the beam unpainted, the second with the beamed laced with thermite. After the first test, the narrator on the "Conspiracy Theory" show announces "The beam burns briefly, but it does not melt."

After the second test, Romero is shown asking the question "Does it burn long enough and hot enough so that we have structural failure?"

But, this question is never answered on the show. Instead, with a dodge that both Romero and I consider to be dishonest, Ventura simply asks "Anybody still got any doubts?"

The question that should have been asked here is "Was the beam cut? Did it fail??"

The answer to that question was left on the cutting room floor. Here, friends is "THE VIDEO JESSE VENTURA DOESN'T WANT THE WORLD TO SEE!"

First, some clips I've obtained directly from the EMRTC.

Clip #1: Pouring burning thermite on beam that has not been painted with thermite.

Clip #2: Pouring burning thermite on beam that has been painted with thermite.


Dr. Van Romero, banging on the beam after the second (thermite) test, and answering the question "Does it burn long enough and hot enough so that we have structural failure?"

The answer is "NO!"

I presented this in my critical thinking class as an excellent example of how to spin a scientific test as coming to the opposite conclusion of what it did in reality.

Here's another YouTube that takes Ventura to task on the cell phone argument:

Cheers, Dave Thomas


  1. A vigorous discussion about all this is available at the James Randi Education Foundation forum.


  2. This is a great article, but the youtube video on cell phones, while appreciated, does use phones that are currently in use on a plane rather than phones available in 2001. In 2001 cell phones did work and most the calls were done with airphones rather than cell phones (and this is a very despicable myth), but that video doesn't suffice as 2010 phones are of much higher quality than 2001 phones. This fact gives the truthers an out. This myth is wrong, but not for those reasons.

  3. Of course!

    All the 9/11 conspiracy theories are all easily debunkable....ALL OF THEM!

    People who still believe these theories are either A) Ignorant and haven't done appropriate research or B)They dont really care about the truth and they are a part of the movement for personal and political reasons, on top of wanting attention and to feel like they are a part of something bigger then themselves...Oh yeah, and then there are the really really dumb who have no idea of reality and how far fetched their theories are.....(Most truthers are just dumb)

    i can't wait for all the really educated replies!

    How about you email me at

  4. I have no doubt at all that 9/11 was an Israeli false flag operation. Conspiracy ? NO, because almost ALL of the evidence is right out in the open and easily debunks the fairy tale that was put forth by the government.

    1. Going with, "the jews did it" huh? So all the al qaeda leaders that took credit are Israeli agents

  5. First off, that's not the kind of thermite used in the wtc, they didn't shape it around the beam (Ive seen this mistake by History Ch and National Geo graphics too) there's no weight on the beam,and the real argument should be if regular thermite does that to the beam then how the hell is fire going to melt the beams or make truss's sag in an hour and bring the building down at free fall speed. If this fire was so hot why did the fireman say they could knock it out with two hand lines, and if the heat was so intense why are human beings in the crash site waving? INSIDE JOB im sorry if there were just one or two things off about this day I wouldn't question it but the whole thing from the Terrorist being let in to bush stalling over 400 days before an investigation was put forward.. and by then most of the evidence had been shipped off to china! Sickening

  6. yeah and cell phones couldn't be used in planes in 2001 if they could why would all the air liners pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to put cell towers in the planes in 2004? Experiments were done to prove this. My personal experience was when i went to Cancun in 2002 my dog passed away while i was flying my family tried calling me a bunch of times, I checked my messages from a land lines when i landed all 7 of them and my phone was on the whole time. As for Jessie making a call from the air as I said if it was made after 2004 then he'd be free to make calls all day from the sky, its called New Technology haha do your home work!

  7. NMSKEPTIK's presentation is as unscientific as any I've seen supporting the miraculous collapses. There is no attempt to really analyze the science; there is simply an attempt to attack credibility. It's an old game.

  8. I totally agree that it was dishonest of Jesse to edit the footage like that with the thermite experiment. Whether or not he greenlighted that dishonesty, I cannot say.
    But it does NOT take away credibility from the many many observations and eyewitness testemonies supporting the CD hypothesis.
    An argument often put forward is that steel loses half its strength at 600°C and therefore didn't have to melt. This of course is true.
    The problem is that STEEL DID MELT !!
    No matter how much NIST tries to deny it, there are scores og cleanup workers testifying to it.

    This collection of video from the day illustrates my point about eyewitnesses:
    If there is nothing to hide, then why are they hiding everything?

    Support a new truly independent investigation.
    If there's nothing to it, then what's the harm?

    This is too important to just brush off.
    But I guess the posibility of having to deal with that reality keeps people fighting against it.
    Denying a real investigation is denying justice. What if it was YOUR family who died on that day? What would YOU do?

  9. the first part of this blog post was decent but you ruin your credibility posting to the video on the very bottom which was made by an overtly partisan conservative person who inner cuts footage of Obama. I think 9/11 was an inside job, but from a purely journalistic standpoint i think you ought to remove that video at the bottom.

  10. Interesting article, added his blog to Favorites

  11. Hey, stupid, it wasn't thermite. It was nanothermite, a significant difference. Check your science, dork.

  12. Speaking of stupid, it wasn't any kind of thermite: IT WAS RED PAINT.

    1. Supply your evidence... and GO!

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